Bob Montano - Lead Vocals
Al Mead - Bass
Dave Bolch - Guitar
Ian Michaels - Drums 1996

Steve Melanise - Drums 1997
Solid Conrete Madness
The Seed
Sold Concrete Madness
Sticky Temptation
Midnight Voyeur
Drink Fight And Fuck
Mental Crossfire
Ghastly Friend
Lash Of The Gash
Mental Crossfire - Video
Prime Evil existed from 1995-1997. Formed from the remnants of two other bands. Al Mead (bassist) and Ian Michaels (drummer)  from "SYCOMAN" and Bob Montano (vocalist) and Dave Bolch (guitarist) from "ROYAL PAIN". This line-up steamrolled itself to the top of the LA scene in their 3 year lifespan, playing gigs in and around LA and down south in Orange County. They were known for their elaborate stage show with strippers, monsters, cool lights, stage props, body paint and so forth. They won best stage show two years in a row at the Rock City News awards show  in 1997 and  1998 and it looked like they would cross the barrier to bigger things. Unfortunately due to bullshit beyond theircontrol they disbanded in late 1997.