Al Lee Slime - Mutants
Final Straw
Ghastly Friend
Narcotic Suicide
Ace Of Spades
Rapid Fire
Into The Void
Lost Tweekend

Al Mead - Bass, Vocals, Guitar(into the void)
Kevin Mead - Guitar

This was an attempt at a solo project. Using my alias from GG Allin's Scumfuc band. We recorded some new stuff, some old stuff (Knightmare), some of which we still play to this day. These are newly re-mixed and re-mastered recordings from the original multi-track masters. The Cover art was done by one of the drummers from Decrepit Mind. Steve "Melka" Melanise.

Al Lee Slime - Sludge
Die Fuckin' Die
Drink Fight and Fuck
Dieing World
Phone Sex

Al Mead - Everything

This project happened when I got bored from not being in a band for so long, So I decided to hit the studio again and do a solo tape. I distributed several copies initially and through the years ran out so I did'nt even have one for myself and I lost the master. It was'nt until around 99' that I ran into someone who still had one the tapes from the original batch I had made years before I have tried to clean it up and improve the quality as much as possible, however the crapiness of the source cassette still comes through a bit.