Al Lee Slime - Al Mead - a lot of vocals, bass and some Guitar
Kevin Von Frankenshit - Kevin Mead - a lot of guitars, Bass and a little vocals
Frank - Tim Koukos - some guitars, vocals, and bass
Tim Trash Toms - Tim Lacombe - a lot of drums, a little vocals
The Turd Remains The Same, was a failed attempt by Al
to start a second
Fly's on Shit project.
This is all that he got done.
Fly's On Shit was a fun side projects with members of Knightmare and GG Allin's Scumfucs (without GG). Recorded on Cassette in a basement, gave it a unique raw sound. For the first time in over a decade it is available for download newly re-mastered from the orignal cassette with one bonus  track "Oh Babe", that was not on the
original release.

The Turd Remains The Same
Eternal Doom II
Victim Of My Hunt
You'll Never Tame Me
Nerve Damage
Corporate Slave
I Hate Everything
Oh Babe
Can't Take Your Shit No More
Stop At Nothing
Can't Take It No
Stupid Bitch
I Can't Take It Anymore
People Like You
Softer Than A Fuckin' Grape
Eternal Doom