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In 1980 Al Mead started the band Knightmare. Al was a bassist and lead vocalist. Knightmare lasted 10 years, released 3 albums and opening for bands like Megadeth, Motorhead, Testament, Overkill, Blue Oyster Cult and Molly Hatchet. Knightmare's music evolved from hard rock to thrash  metal. During his time with Knightmare, he worked several side projects. Flys on Shit was a hardcore punk band he started with his brother Kevin. He also worked on 2 albums with the notorious and currently dead GG Allin. Around 1990, Al had enough of Knightmare and called it a day. He then  joined his brother Kevin's band Decrepit Mind. Decrepit Mind had been  around for about a year and was in dire need of a bass player. The band  already had a lead singer, so Al was content to just play bass. In May of  1991, Decrepit Mind moved to LA.The move proved fatal. The band broke up 6  months after the move. Al and Kevin still jammed with the Decrepit Mind  drummer but nothing ever evolved from this. During the time that Al and  Kevin were not in bands, they did record several projects, Mutants was the  one that stood out. While Mutants contained mostly covers it was brutal, from Judas Priest's Rapid Fire to Motorhead's Ace of Spades, Mutants rips. Also included were Al's original songs Final Straw and Screaming Pig Fucker from Hell. Al then recorded another solo project called Sludge. Since nothing was going anywhere, Al decided to join a band. The band was called  Sycoman, but Al, not being included in the writing process, eventually left. He then formed the band Prime Evil. Prime Evil performed extensively  in the LA area and built quite a following. Releasing the CD Solid Concrete Madness. They earned the award "Best Live Act" from the LA music news zine Rock City News. During this time Kevin attempted to join the band Spawn but, ended up quitting. Kevin then left LA and moved to Dallas TX, fed up with the music business content to never play guitar again. After the demise of Prime Evil, Al formed Tearabyte with Prime Evil guitarist Dave Bolch, and a new drummer Paul Schlieger. Tearabyte released the "Doom Generation" in 1999 then disbanded. After 8 years of living in LA, Al had enough and moved to Dallas also. It did not take Al long to persuade his brother Kevin to start playing again. Recruiting long time friend & drummer Jeff Owens Tearabyte was reborn. The end of 2001 saw the recording of "Embrace Oblivion". This was released in April 2002
on Screaming Ferret Wreckords. "Embrace Oblivion" climbed the metal radio chart and maxed at # 45 on FMQB, 35 on the Album network, and 35 on CMJ. The 3rd Tearabyte CD Entitled "Gloom Factory"will be released Aug 24 2004.