Doom Generation
Straight Out Of Hell
Ghastly Friend
Never Find Trust
Shut Up Bitch
Final Straw
Embrace Oblivion - 2002
Doom Generation - 1998
Both CD's are available from Screaming Ferret Wreckords
Copyright 2002 Tearabyte,
All rights Reserved

Road Rage
Embrace Oblivion
Strike The Enemy

Tear It Up
One More Day
Under The Sand
Lash Of The Gash
It's All A Lie
Price Of Evil
Pissing Contest
Spear Of Destiny

The Gloom Factory
Doom Gloom - MP 3 - Vid - lg - sm

Shred The Misery
Romper Stomper
Emotional Debris
All Grey
Empowered Hate
Comfortably Numb